It’s show week! 

Our final show is only a week away! Each student and faculty member will be putting a piece of work into the show next saturday. Our show is being held at one of the art galleries in town and will be set up by us, the students. This past weekend as very busy and the studios were filled with everyone trying to get their projects finished. 

Because we can only put one piece of work into the show I had a really hard time deciding on what to put in. I couldn’t decide between jewelry/metals and book arts! In the end I decided to combine the two mediums and make a book with a pierced copper plated inlay into the cover. The copper plate took the longest to complete because I had to manually saw each design. The designs are also inspired by Etruscan artifacts from the MAEC: Museum of the Etruscan Academy and of the City of Cortona. I registered my book this morning but am working down to the wire before i need to turn it in for installation on wednesday morning. Most of it is done other than placing the rivets into the cover! I am really happy with how it is coming out and I love the Secret Belgian Binding stitch I chose to use on the spine. 

Hope you enjoy some of these pictures from inside the studios! Isn’t our painting studio gorgeous?! It used to be an old chapel! I am also really enjoying the paintings I am working on right now. I just finished up the painting shown in the pictures and have moved onto another color study. Will update with pictures once I finish it!

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